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From Where You Are

Where does your story begin? We are a composite of our life experiences, beliefs and values that have developed over time, and stories that drive our behavior.


Taking a holistic approach, I seek to understand your journey to-date, providing invaluable context to what’s going on for you in the present.


This informs how we approach the change you are seeking in your life now and enables us to partner to envision, create and move towards your inspired future.

To Where You Want to Be

As we explore the gap from where you are to where you want to be – we will unpack the obstacles standing in your way, understand the strengths already available to you and discover shifts that will enable you to make real, sustained change.


Together, we’ll craft an actionable plan that guides our work together and creates the most important and lasting changes in the shortest time possible.


Along the way, we’ll explore new choices, test new approaches, build new habits and learn to watch for and mitigate any old habits that may derail you.

With Support & Resources

There is no one-size fits all. While I may share various frameworks and tools depending on your unique situation and goals, often it is what comes from within that is the most meaningful in driving sustained change.


I will partner with you to draw this out – by showing up with curiosity, asking powerful questions, truly listening and sharing reflections and observations to generate insight.


I will also hold you accountable – bringing a mix of backbone & heart – to support you in driving towards your vision

My Approach 

  • Increasing leadership confidence, impact and influence

  • Accelerating transition into a new role and/or team

  • Leading through organizational transformation

  • Improving relationships - at work or at home 


  • Navigating a career and/or life transition

  • Building resilience to support balance and well being

  • Elevating fulfillment in work and/or personal life

  • Something else entirely…

Designed to drive meaningful results and sustainable change, my coaching approach supports individuals on a variety of professional and personal journeys including: 

Potential Coaching Journeys...

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