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Sarah Menke Vanasek
Executive & Leadership Coach

About Me

“I am at my best when helping others.”

Sarah is described by clients and colleagues as being able to see the broad picture and meaningfully connect to build rapport at all levels in an organization. Having been an executive leader, her keen ability to quickly understand the environment and challenges of her clients allows her to coach them to higher levels of strategic performance.


Sarah is known for her ability to balance empathy and accountability, reflecting with intention and drawing out insights that enable clients to see what they may be unable to on their own.

Prior to coaching, Sarah spent the first decade of her career in Marketing, consistently delivering business and financial performance. Throughout, it was her ability to coach individuals and teams to see beyond limitations and exceed their own beliefs of what was possible that enabled her success.

Eight years ago, Sarah navigated her own career transition, channeling her commercial experience and passion for developing people to pivot into leadership development. Since then, she has worked with hundreds of leaders across all levels of organizations – and at various stages of development – to unlock limiting beliefs and accelerate development – most recently as the Vice President, HR for the Legal Professionals division of Thomson Reuters, a $3B revenue organization.

Sarah received her coaching accreditation from the prestigious Hudson Institute in Santa Barbara. She holds an ACC credential from the International Coaching Federation and is certified in the Hogan assessment. She graduated form the University of Northern Iowa where she earned a BA in Marketing as well as Music with a minor in Spanish. Sarah lives in Saint Paul, Minnesota, USA, with her husband and daughter.

Professional Credentials

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